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AEON Yagoto

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AEON Yagoto

AEON Yagoto, located in Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, has four floors above ground and three basement floors, and a parking capacity of approximately 1,100 automobiles. Opened in September 1993, the property is well served by a number of main roads in the region, including National Route 153 and Yamate Road. In addition, the third basement floor of the property is directly connected to the Yagoto subway station, a nodal station crossed by two subway lines. The property's five-kilometer radius trade area has a population of approximately 650,000, and the area surrounding the property is considered to be a high-quality residential area of Nagoya-shi.

AEON Yagoto is anchored and masterleased by AEON. The property has specialty stores, including apparel stores, fashion stores, a sports club, a food court, and restaurants.

Property Details
Location 2-1, Ishizaka, Kojimachi-aza, Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Acquisition Price (mn Yen) 3,698 Date Acquired Jun. 10, 05
Construction Completion Sep. 1993 Number of Stories 10 floors above ground and 1 basement floor
Land Size 12,454.37m2 Number of Tenants 1 Occupancy Ratio 100.0%
Total Floor Space 56,054.11m2 Major Tenant AEON
* Trustee owns 4,237.52m2 of Land size, joint owner owns the rest area, 8,216.85m2.
* Trustee and this joint owner are lessor and lessee of this Land with each other for possession of this building.
* "Total floor space" is the sum of main building of AEON Yagoto, five attached buildings, and cyclery shop building.
* The trustee partly owns main building of AEON Yagoto and five attached buildings (the share is 33.45%), and fully owns cyclery shop building.

Please refer to "Performance by Property(xls_data)"

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