Investment Policy and Basic strategy

Investment Policy

The Investment Corporation will manage the Investment Corporation’s assets with the aim of securing a stable medium-to-long-term return and steadily grow the assets under management.

Basic strategy

Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation (JRF), which aims to secure stable revenue over the medium to long term and increase investment assets steadily, set the target of achieving total assets of 200 billion yen within three years after listing and 400 billion yen within five years. This target has been achieved earlier than scheduled. JRF established the above target considering that to manage funds specialized in retail facilities it is necessary to have the minimum amount of assets, or asset scale.

Achieving the target asset scale earlier than scheduled, JRF was able to move to the next phase, “pursuit of the quality of assets held,” following the “pursuit of scale.” When the scale of assets and the number of properties are sufficient, it is possible to consider relatively large-scale renewals, enlargement and floor space expansion as part of a long-term plan for the entire portfolio. JRF, as a REIT specialized in the management of retail facilities, every day pursuits the “quality” of portfolios, that is, making acquired properties more valuable.