Structure of Investment Corporation

Name of contracts

  1. Asset Management Agreement / Trademark License Agreement
  2. Asset Custodian Contract / General Administrative Services Agreement / Account Administration Service Agreement / Special Accounts Administration Agreement
  3. Fiscal Agency Agreement / Administrative Services Agreement Related to Principal and Interest Payment
  4. Tax Service Agreement

(Note)Mitsubishi Corporation is the parent company of the Asset Manager (the parent company prescribed in the Ordinance on Terminology, Forms and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements, etc. (Ministry of Finance Ordinance No. 59 of 1963; including subsequent revisions), Article 8, Paragraph 3; the same hereinafter), and falls under a specified affiliated company of the Asset Manager, which is prescribed in the Cabinet Office Ordinance on Disclosure of Information, etc., of Regulated Securities (Ministry of Finance Ordinance No. 22 of 1993; including subsequent revisions), Article 12, Paragraph 3.