Number of Properties100

Total Acquisition Price877,287mn Yen

Occupancy Ratio99.7



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Image Property Name
Acquisition Date
Building DateBuilding Age (y.m) *2
Leasable Area (m2)*3
Acquisition Price (mn YEN)
Latest Appraisal Value (mn YEN)*4
Tenant (s)*5
No. of Tenants
Occupancy Ratio(%)*6
(%) (%) Major Tenant(s)



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* As of November 30, 2019.
* "Leasable area" means the total leasable area of the building for properties, used mainly as stores and offices, as indicated in the lease agreement or the floor plan of such property, and does not include the leasable area of warehouses and land (flat parking lots). In addition, as for the properties JRF owns in the form of co-ownership, notwithstanding the ownership ratio, the total leasable area is indicated in relation to the relevant property as a whole. As for the properties in which JRF owns only land (described as "Land with leasehold interest") above, JRF has included the total leasable area of the land based on the relevant registry.
* "Occupancy ratio" (percentage of leased area against leasable area) is calculated by rounding to the nearest first decimal place.
* "Number of tenants", "Leasable area" and "Occupancy ratio" for a pass-through master leased property as follows are presented on an end-tenant basis.
La Porte Aoyama, G-Bldg. Minami Ikebukuro 01, Nara Family (partial), mozo wonder city (partial) and Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk (partial)
* Following properties are held in the form of co-ownership interest: G-Bldg. Omotesando 02 (50% co-ownership interest), G-Bldg. Ginza Chuo-dori 01 (50% co-ownership interest), AEON MALL Kobe Kita (70% co-ownership interest), Ito-Yokado Nishikicho(40% co-ownership interest).
* Naha-shintoshin 01 and Tecc Land Fukuoka Shime Honten have not agreed to the disclosure of leasable area.
* Tenants of G-Bldg. Omotesando 02 has not agreed to the disclosure of the name of tenants.
* Ito-Yokado Nishikicho sold 15% co-ownership interest in the real estate trust beneficiary interest on May 31, 2009 and 45% co-ownership interest in the real estate trust beneficiary interest on September 2, 2009. Therefore, the Acquisition Price indicates 40% co-ownership interest in the real estate trust beneficiary interest. The value at the end of the fiscal year is the appraised value of 85% of quasi-co-ownership interest.
* "Appraisal value at end of period" shows the value appraised or researched by the real estate appraiser in accordance with the methods and standard of assets valuation as stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation of JRF as well as the regulations as stipulated by The Investment Trusts Association, Japan.
* Appraisal value date and Book value are as follows.
The properties in JRF’s portfolio owned as of August 31, 2019: As of August 31, 2019
The properties in JRF‘s portfolio acquired after August 31, 2019: Appraisal value date and Book value announced in the notice concerning acquisition